Kalajoki Sandbanks, one of the most worth visiting places for a hasty tourist from Oulu by bus

Kalajoki Sandbanks, one of the most worth visiting places in the Nordic Finland


If you want to find a unique and an easy-to-reach-place for paying a short visit to on your several days´s vacation in Oulu it is for sure Kalajoki City and Kalajoki Sandbanks, a hundred and fifty kilometers from here on the south of Oulu Region.

You can take a bus from the City Center of Oulu. There are several possibilities a day to travel by bus to Kalajoki. The bus trip takes around two hours from the bus station of Oulu. If you have got a lot of money, there is also hotel accommodation for you, anyway, if you miss the bus back!

Kalajoki is a resort by the Bothnic Gulf 

Kalajoki is a resort by the Bothnic Gulf which has been a tourist attraction for decades, especially known for the summer dancing place where the young Finns have been traveling for both camping, recreation and dancing on Saturday nights which are very bright in the Ostrobothnian summer.

So you will start seeing the Finnish Ostrobothnian country side from the window of the bus which is as even as in Florida with some marshes here and there with no alligators at all, just plain fields of potatoes and oats and some rivers crossing by. (We spent two weeks in Florida for the reason that one of our son´s team was playing ice-hockey there. So we know something about it.)

You find the blue sky with white clouds

You find the blue sky with white clouds. You see the scenery surrounded by the forest line with many farms and just ordinary houses, schools and shops. Kalajoki has a funny name, it is freely translated Fish River. There is that river, but most of all there is that long sandbank of Kalajoki by the sea shore near the City of Kalajoki. Ask the bus driver!

We have made some trips to Kalajoki Sandbanks with our friends. It really is worth visiting, I mean especially the funny sandbanks where you can enjoy and walk even one kilometer towards Sweden. It is for sure you cannot get drowned there since the water is so low. It is very warm for your toes, too.

Walking on the sand is like walking on the back bone of a whale

It is very simple to enjoy the place which changes every minute, every day, every month and every summer in many ways as the water comes and goes and makes you to feel the life is like that. You also feel like walking on a big whale because the sand bank is kind of rounded. You can even stay there for a picnic if you dare since there are some other visitors the too.

By walking to the end of that particular path of sand in the water you can hear, you can see, you can feel and you can put memories in your heart from seeing the sand banks of Kalajoki sea shore. People are shy so they do not greet you or it is not the habit in Finland usually.

”Kalajoki is a well known tourist attraction place in Finland due to long sandy beaches (sea) and related activities. Sandbanks of Kalajoki are interesting and really fine to see and feel.” Wikipedia. ”Hiekkasärkät ovat noin kolmen ja puolen kilometrin mittainen laaja hiekkasärkkien ja -rantojen muodostama alue.

Hiekkasärkkien luonto kiinnostava

Alueelle on tyypillistä myös rantojen kohoamisilmiö, joka on Pohjanmaan rannikolla voimakkainta Suomessa. Hiekkasärkkien alueen luontoon, dyynien syntyyn, maan kohoamisilmiöön sekä perinteisiin perehdyttää nykyaikainen multimediatekniikkaa hyödyntävä meriluontokeskus ,joka kuuluu Metsähallituksen ylläpitämään luontokeskusten verkostoon.”

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