maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2015

Never grow old!

That means, never to become grown-up!

It has been interesting to see my lady (my mum) to do so many thing during this Autumn, that I start to wait results. She is now Mrs. Santa, that means she has a business idea of her own: Mrs. Santa Greetings - Sharing Christmas Spirit Year-around - with the help of some young student elves.

Mrs. Santa Greetings from Finland, Oulu

Her first performance happened at the Old Time Christmas Market in Oulu in November 2015. She found out, that she was born the same year when Eleanor Roosevelt was visiting Finland. The year was 1950. That would create a good story! It is even true!

In Rovaniemi, Lapland, there is still left the original cottage built for the President and Mrs. Roosevelt. She will go to Rovaniemi to see the cottage with the exchange students from Oulu University next weekend. We will hear from that later on, but before that, you can see photos taken there last year on Flickr. Find tags like pajakylä Flickr, Christmas, Opening, Finland, Rovaniemi, RundgrenR!

How to draw snowman?