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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on heinäkuu, 2016.

Can you pass this test made for the cats?

If you read this article, you have a mind of human cats.

An humble cat like me, can change the world around my house, but my human brother, Olli Rundgren, might change a bigger place of the world a lot better by science. People often throw opinions which are rather questionable sometimes, but let´s wait for the better world.

Psyon Games has made a scientific and entertaining game for introducing their coming game which will be shown also in Shanghai China JoyAntidote coming in this fallHuffington Post published an article of my brother´s story.There was a friendly lady Cathy Rubin, who was interested to tell Olli´s story of how a professional poker player became a scientist and a game developer. Thanks for her! She writes about the education in the world, also about the Finnish education and its fame. Could you read this article? If yes, that´s fine!It was the test.