perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2016

You are my Mother, I presume!

It was a funny feeling on the fields of Santamaki in Kempele when I met a white cat last night.

I met my real mother on those fields of Santamaki last night. We were on out night tour after mice and suddenly I saw a white cat looking like ME!

 I said:
- Your are my Mum, I presume! (Something like Henry Morton Stanley said to Doctor Livingstone in Africa)
- Yes, I am! Then we hugged each other and cried for minutes.

You might know my story, which I told you a year ago, that I got lost from my childhood home, just one kilometer from here that I now know. My human Mum and Dad of today made a terrible noise about who I am, where I come from and who has lost me. In vain! Nobody answered to their countless inquiries. My pictures were in the newspaper Kaleva in Readers´s pages, all in vain. My Mum got only praises for taking care of me, a little creature found alone.

There emerged a question, which needed to be answered to.

Who am I? Who's my real mother? Last night my human Dad shouted aloud, so they´ve told me later on. - Look, Mum, there are TWO white cats on the fields by the woods. That was me and my mother!

The scene is so happy that I still cry inside of my soul. That only I feel sorry for, that my Mum did´t teach me how to catch mice which I had to learn by myself. I always go to show them to my human Mum and Dad. They encourage me to efforts.

I have learned things without my Mum! I cry!

How to draw snowman?