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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on kesäkuu, 2017.

Punkki eli puutiainen poistetaan valkoisesta kissasta

How to remove a nasty insect (a tick) from me! My master has been staying in Lapland for Midsummer. That is why I got involved in this terrible situation. He is there with my human brothers fishing salmon. Luckily one of our boys was visiting his childhood home and helped me since I was completely unaware of the Ixodees ricinus nearby my mouth and saved me for the moment taking off the insect.
It is an insect 
any tick of the family Ixodidaecastor bean tickIxodes ricinusknown to transmit borrelia

Waiting for the dark nights, but in not getting it for months

The picture is taken just after the midnight on June the 26th 2016 from our garden towards our neighbour cottage Getting a lot of ideas for blogging There was a young lady who wondered, what the time was here and why it is so bright when visiting our home at Kempele recently. She told me to write about it to my webpage of and tell it globally. So I got inspired by her. She also gave me a lot of ideas about blogging, too. Listen to Podcast Just a nice wreath of flowers Young women swimming in the flower fields at Midsummer Night with a flower wreath on the head I remembered the Midsummer Day 2016 when we did wreaths of flower, just to show young ladies that they should search for their future husband or boyfriend by having that beautiful wreath of flowers on the head and dancing naked in the field. Midsummer in the City Park of Ainola 2011 Well, it was one night too late and just a joke because all nice traditions have gone somewhere in the old graveyards maybe because o…

Suokukon bongausta Limingassa. Searching for ruffs.