Become a "doctor of immunology" by playing a science fun game

That is Olli, my brother, pitching their video with Matt!

The history of all my human brothers is interesting of course, even if I am just a cat and not been able to understand everything people do. 

We have just been collecting all our sons´s stuff from their childhood and school time. I was not even born when Olli was a little school boy and I do not even know Matt Bond, Olli´s friend at ANTIDOTE. Well, now I can see Matt on this pitching video. He speaks such a nice Brittish English.

We found many tests from early school times to the university like notes, drawings some books in the drawers. Greeting cards, ice hockey pucks, medals, toy cars, lego pieces, pens and pencils. 
Sorry that cats cannot become "doctors of immunology"!
Especially Olli´s tests of math, physics and chemistry were extreme good. He made many skillful handicrafts but most of them vanished secretly from our home. He did play ice-hockey and soccer from the age of seven. I think he is coaching a soccer team in Jyväskylä still.

Soccer player toy of OPS was "playing" with Olli in Amsterdam Cup in 1994.

Olli is been a team player since the childhood. Now he is a team player in a bigger game ANTIDOTE. Will you be part of their amazing team at Indiogogo, too?


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