Searching for the Snow land

Searching for the Snow land

Internship students working for the enterprises in Oulu

This nice movie was made by a Chinese internship student at the Business Kitchen of Oulu. He was visiting Oulu and some other Nordic places in Finland in a student group from Shanghai University. They made their internship studies at the Business School of Oulu.

What wonders the Chinese internship student found in Finland?

The material for the film was taken last winter at the National Park of Syöte in the area of Oulu. The film was made during the hottest summer. A friend of my family had taken some of the photos like Aurora Borealis. The video material is taken by a Nokia phone which was amazing for the student.

He found a lot of snow, candle trees, fells, forest, starry sky, a man taking off snow from the roof, Santa Claus skiing, a photographer and dinosaurus of blue snow, reindeer and log houses.

Do not laugh at the end!


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