Saara Aalto makes Nicole want to twerk!

Saara Aalto from Finland, Oulu Area! Near the place where Santa Claus lives! 

My mum told that Saara´s daddy is such a good teacher. She was participating in an ICT-course which was held by Saara´s father. It is interesting how many talented people are originally from this plain area of Oulu region. Plain with many bushes, a bit like Florida with its low scenery with small rivers.

Saara´s grand daddy is a famous film maker and director, also an artist. He still lives in Kempele. 

I am so happy with Saara´s success. She is just an adorable and nice young and talented singer.

I forgot to tell that Saara´s granny taught my mom to teach children the traditional Nordic Lucia tradition, where girls in white gowns are singing Christmas carols for charity and visiting hospitals.


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