Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki

Just planning to develop a scientific game or an app for catching mice. Not possible for a lazy cat, anyway!

Pocket Gamer Connects arranged in Helsinki, London, Bangalore, Vancouver, San Fransisco

Olli is pitching his game in Helsinki and I am just planning to do something, like starting to play with the mice.

"What is PG Connects?
Pocket Gamer Connects is the conference series that reaches the heart of the mobile gaming industry. Curated by the teams responsible for the world’s leading mobile gaming publications, it’s the essential event for anyone wanting to meet, hear, and learn from the leading figures from every corner of the mobile games industry.
Over 7,000 people have so far attended our Pocket Gamer Connects conferences and have loved the unique access to the biggest names in the sector, the brilliant networking opportunities, and sharply honed content on show."

Olli´s Antidote Game got the second place in the competition among 37 competitors in PGC Helsinki.  Congratulations to my brother! Wishes The Snow leopard, The Cat. 


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