Free meals on school days in Finland and some more facts

Finland, a Nordic open and free democracy far in the North

My country, Finland, lies on the utmost end of Europe, near the border of Russia. On the other side there is Sweden and Norway and in the South there is Estland. We have a common history with Sweden and Russia, much longer with the other Nordic state Sweden and we also speak Swedish as one of the two official languages in Finland. Sami language is also our language.

Why am I writing about Finland now?

Here is a barrack school class since there are a new school building coming to the Comprehensive school of Liminka Bay in Northern Finland. Can you see the wooden table and chairs? It is possible that you can order temporary buildings from Finland.

  • It is because there has been readers from so many different countries, that I feel I have to write again something in English also. 
  • Some thoughts about things in Finland just now are for instance the fact that Finnish women and men are equal. 
  • Our education is free from the kindergarten to the universities, the Finnish education is open for every one and you can go to any school to a lesson and listen teaching freely. 
  • Children eat a free lunch every day at school. In the universities the meals are heavily supported by the government.
  • Children get all the books or other facilities from the school, like papers, pens, books etc.
  • Also bus can take the children to school, if they have more than three kilometers to school. Older pupils have to have 5 kilometers from their home. 
  • Finnish teachers are educated in the universities and they are trustworthy. If somebody says something, you always can trust an authority or an entire teacher that he or she does things right
  • The children often go to school riding a bike. Then they usually have to have a helmet on their head.
  • Every child has to go to school. It has been compulsory from the beginning of the 20th century, at the beginning of 1900. It was one civilized way for democracy. I have not thought that before I met some students in Finland, in the university of Oulu, that in many countries there is no proper school at all. That is surprising me and my lady constantly.
  •  Put your children to school! They make a better country for you to live in.


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