Big Cat planning issues

Here is a safe place to see the world of possibilities, dangers, enthusiasm and creativity. In my Mum´s arms.
I need other cats to find creativity in everyday life, which is always changing in today´s world. There are so interesting other creatures, like cats, birds, dogs, hares, frogs even near my Mum´s pond, which she made for fun.

The pond for frogs, birds and for watering of plants and just for to mirroring yourself. More water, please!

She can fill the big plastic bowl with water and pour it onto their garden plants. I can play by the pond my silly plays with my coughts, baby birds and mice, who have gone far from their own mums. It cannot be helped, since my work is to make my living out of the possibilities life offers me on a silver plate. Thank you.

Do you think I am beautiful? Colors like in the flag of Finland.

This red birch with red leaves is very rare and unique in Finland. 


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