This is my Finland in winter

This is a fairy-tale country, creamy scenery of snow in the National Park of Syote in Pudasjarvi, Finland. 

Hello, my friends!

I spent three interesting days in Isosyote, the "Almost Lapland", Syote National Park. My mum and dad were skiing there with some friends. They took me in a box there. The first day evening was exciting since we met some Hollywood stars coming in the snowmobiles with a lot of noise, but with very good guides. One of them knew me and my mum, since he was a former pupil of her. They were very happy to meet there.

My mum was sliding down the road after her friend. She took me on her lap, but I thought she was a bit too audacious with her old bones. I was just thrilled about the fast sliding. I know that my human brother has broken his leg on that same road!

The next day was bright and shiny, with blue and white colors in the Nature, and the temperature was cold,  -8°Celsius.

The best moment was, when my mum took some photographs of me sitting on the "creamy" fell. Can you see me there? My feelings went down, since there were no more Hollywood stars on that sunny day. They did not see that beautiful Finland I love. They already left for Oulu and maybe to Hollywood again.


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