Rantalakeus - Ritva haluaa Joulumuorista oman brändin

It has happened so many things in my and my lady´s life. I still am Rundgren´s cat even if my appearances are a bit different. I am all white so you do not see me because of the snow in the garden even, if I am there. This is what I tell you more about later. But a more actual business is going on in the Residence of Rundgren.


A local newspaper Rantalakeus, made an interview of my lady. She has been studying entrepreneurship at the Business School of university of Oulu with very, very smart international students. They helped to refine the business idea of Mrs. Santa, or Mrs. Santa Lady or Mrs. Santa Greetings, who lives in Oulu area. The picture is about the Business Model Canvas.

What is so interesting in Finland? How does a foreigner see our country after some months? 

The most important facts about Finland: 

  • pure air (easy to see the sky)
  • unspoild nature (you can eat berries and mushrooms picked from nearly any place)
  • thousands of lakes (have not counted)
  • the Sauna bath for every Saturday evening
  • the longest freely running salmon river Tornio (for fishermen)
  • vast forests and moss (tested every now and then since the childhood)
  • clean water supplies (sweet even in the shower; a bit silly!)
  • light nights in the summer (the exchangers say they cannot sleep in Oulu)
  • dark all day in winter (at least in the north like Utsjoki, Lapland)
  • Nordic lights (Aurora Borealis)
  • Lapland (eight seasons counted)
  • we speak Finnish, Swedish and Sami
Facts about the Finnish society:
  • good education (from the kindergarten to the universities)
  • free and independent teachers (educated at the university)
  • democracy
  • safe society (except for the mice)
  • equality between all the cats (!)
  • high taxes (good or bad)
  • well functioning common facilities

Rantalakeus - Ritva haluaa Joulumuorista oman brändin This story is written in Finnish.

Photos in Flickr
Photos and videos are tagged with "pajakylä" and they are taken in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland in 2014. Along with the exchange students from the university of Oulu and the university of Applied Sciences of Oulu, Finland.


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