What a drama the life is!

Can you see me high in this birch? The brand men didn´t want to rescue me as the always do in reality series!

It happened at Midsummer. I had been in an operation, which should make me later a bit easier and home-loving. The operation went OK. After that I was taken to Lapland to our family´s cottage by the River Tornio near the boarder of Sweden.

As you understand my place for the transportation was a little "cottage" where I was able to rest after the operation. I had some silly medicin which made me funny as the vet me and asked me to stay in a warm place.

We finally after 300 kilometers stopped the car at the cottage yard, got out and then it happened: I was left out and a silly dog drove me up in a birch! What a catastrophy! My daddy shouted at my mum, who left me out. It was her fault. She was regretting hardly and asking me to come down, but I didn´t dare to do so.

What follows, you might see later, after a long shock.


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