Let the stars shine for you, my brother!

A strange Cat in my bed.

I, even as a well-behaving cat, cannot wait for Christmas without a Christmas Calendar. It is so exiting to wait for all the gifts you bring to ME here in Finland. I am dreaming of a white Christmas but also of plenty of food like mice, birds (!), cereals, canned food etc.

By the way. Today happened something terrible in this house; the two boy cats of another family moved to us for a whole week. We are like baby-sitters for them for a poor bottle of cat drink. There were all kinds of applications like a bed, canned food, cereals, the toilet, a shovel and all those smells.

I cannot cope with that, but our Daddy and Mum are so ridiculous that they like cats. Let there be a short week with a clear and starry weather outside for them.

The same Stranger in our Sauna. The other one disappeared somewhere.

The other Cat disappeared from the dark. I cannot stand it, so please help me!

It seems to throw water on the stones to make steam.


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