An exhange student at the Verizon Center Washington DC

This is the first game before the season.
My brother has left me, since he hasn´t called me at all on Skype. He only speaks with the other brothers and his friends and makes international student friends at the university of Greensboro. I read of those things at my mum´s FB. (On the shoulder and quiet).

He told that he has been watching ice hockey in Washington DC. That is a most interesting thing since there were at least one Finnish player in the team. Even from my neighbor village. I am so proud that the teams of the former Kiekko-Ketut and Laser have been bringing up really good ice hockey players for the world.

Please, Tommi, call us in Kempele home. We miss you so much. And don´t vaste your time just by sitting in the ice-hockey matches. Study!

- Rundgren´s Cat


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