Bride searching for a Wedding Dress

It was a cold winter day in Helsinki, when a young woman in love was looking for a wedding dress. She went from shop to shop to try on several dresses, all beautiful. Finally she found a proper dress, but don´t tell it to the groom.

It was snowing love cereals on all the other brides she met on the streets. They seemed to have a dream of the Utopia of happiness. You could easily see, who is a bride just at one glimpse. There was a strict timetable for nearly everyone for a fitting. One bride came from a far-away city, but she didn´t have any time left for fitting on that day.

Our bride knew what she wanted, a Mermaid dress. She went between huge lines of dresses looking for them and touching the silky or embroidered surface of the fabrics with her tiny fingers. The colors were the shades of white. It is peculiar how many shades of white you could see. As in real life, too.

Something was not right in the equation. Where´s the ring? Every bride has got to have a ring on her left hand and on the right finger. But this bride didn´t have it. Let´s ask it later, because this was the day of just finding the bridal dress. You could get married without a ring but not naked.

If you want to see the pictures of that day, send regards to me, the Cat of Rundgren´s.

The Bride was heading to a certain shop she found.

Daddy helps the Bride to walk in a pair of high-heeled shoes.

An embroidery is beautiful and necessary in a Wedding Dress.


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