Mr Presley in Finland

Elvis Presley is on the road to Kajana City Theatre with his Hippie Girl friend.

- Oh my...whom do my eyes see here! Is it really a Presley in person, are you real...

- Oh sure, me I´m a true Presley, but this other guy here, he´s just a fake.

- Aha, but anyway, I´m actually more interested in you and your relation to the Presley family. Well, at least your lady looks like come from the hipppie times, doesn´t she?

- Jeah jeah...

-  But where do you come from then and where are your roots?

-  Well, everybody knows that Elvis served the US army troops in Germany, and they had their leaves there sometimes, didn´t they.

- Is that what your mum has been telling you or how do you know?

- Yes, that´s what mami told me

- But do other members of the family know about your origin, your brothers and sisters etc.?
- Well, they propably always had their doubts.
- So, are you the kind of people who don´t talk about things generally?
- Sure, better not talk.

- Do all members of your family have musical talent or is there any talent?
- Just loudmouths, the whole bunch of them.
- about you? Are you the only one who plays the guitar?
- No. I'm a loudmouth me too. I never played any guitar.

- Well but how about the pelvis, making it roll ?
-  That you will see. You´ll be surprised.

- Now you listen Mr Presley. There´s such an amount of typical American arrogancy in you that I, coming from an Ostrobothnian family, just cannot take and stand!
- So what!
- And rollig your pelvis added to this all....
- Yeah, rolling my pelvis added, you´ll certainly be surprised.

- And then there´s this charming girlfriend of and where did toy find her?
-  From the backstage.

-  Well, looking at the two of you, and the way you should I say...stare at one another, I feel you could make a real love story.

-  Oh yeas, that´s how the joy of life shows, in laughter And what more, your lady is sending you kisses...-
- Yeah,,, yeah..


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